Monday, July 11, 2016

Bad Behavior

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 1:00 PM
When I put the dead fish in Drake Finley's locker, I expected trouble. I expected his fury and his harsh words, I even expected detention. I did not expect falling for him.Banner Credit: Marta

Melissa Thinks: SparklingA has written a few one shots that I've absolutely loved and this one is no different! This short story is about a girl named Haclie who writes a love song for her school's talent show. Though no one was supposed to see it, Drake Finley (kind of a big deal bad boy) gets hold of it and soon the entire school is mocking Halcie's song. Now she's out for revenge; this is where the story starts. I found the story to be incredibly cute. The characters have a surprising amount of depth and voice for a one shot. A great example of the kind of quality FictionPress still has to offer.


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