Friday, September 30, 2016

milk and honey

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 2:00 PM

Age: Adult
Category: Poetry
Rating: 5 stars

Juliet Thinks: This book of poems is one that I had high expectations for because I had seen many people post about snippets of it on social media. There was something enticing about the simple drawings coupled with a short poem, so I decided to order it.

The book certainly deserves the accolade it has received from the public. Kaur's poems are harrowing and deeply relatable. What truly stood out about this collection of poems was the inclusion of drawings that were drawn by Kaur herself. I love the moments in which Kaur hits upon fundamental feelings of adolescence and womanhood. One of her short poems reads, "She was music, but he had his ears cut off." In milk and honey, Kaur paints a jarring image of what it is like to feel unloved, enamored, fundamentally disappointed, and human.


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