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A Year Agreement (Trilogy)

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Age: Adult
Category: Contemporary / Romance
Rating: 4 stars

Helen Thinks: Jenna Howard was left by her mother at five years old and emancipated herself at seventeen to find out life doesn’t get any better just because you’re an adult. Working two dead end jobs just to keep herself above water, Jenna believes her life is just one big disappointment until a customer at the strip joint offers her the deal of a lifetime - marry him and he’ll pay her one million dollars. Despite her immediate convictions towards a stranger offering her this deal Jenna knows that the amount of money offered will change her life forever so she agrees. What she didn’t bargain for was the fact her husband-to-be could be quite cold and cruel towards her nor did she bargain for the fact that maybe - just maybe - she likes him more than she should?

I’ll be honest with you and admit that it was the cover of the first novel that grabbed my attention one day when I was perusing through the “recommended for you” category on amazon. I immediately downloaded it - big bonus it’s available on Kindle Unlimited for those of you that subscribe to that service - and read it within a couple of hours. I literally could not put it down. I also kept texting Lauren (my sister for those of you who aren’t aware or who have forgotten) throughout her night shift telling her that she must read it!

Liam was a bit of a douche at times and I know that’s what she was going for but sometimes some of the comments he came out with was a bit too much. However, once his gruff exterior was chipped away at by our heroine, I did find myself liking Liam very much and believe that Jenna and Liam were written very well by Kenadee Bryant.
A lot of drama unfolds throughout these three books such as Jenna’s biological mother making a reappearance but Bryant writes it great. The drama flows and doesn’t feel like it’s just been thrown into make the story a bit more exciting. She keeps you hooked so that you do want to read each novel as it came out - luckily for you guys, all three are all now published and there’s no waiting for you like I had to do!

My only critique is that the characters appeared to yell... a lot. I love novels that replace the word said with a different synonym but be practical about it. It was the only thing that irked me as I feel like the poor characters must have got exhausted yelling or shouting at each other all the time. However, this didn’t take away massively from how much I absolutely loved these books.

Marriage of convenience is my favourite cliche and I can safely say that Kenadee Bryant delivered with the Year Agreement so give it a shot!


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