Sunday, August 21, 2011

Because of You

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Because of You by Sam Mariano
After a tragedy that shatters both their families, Nicole Harmon and Derek Noble are raised to despise each other. They finally meet for the first time in high school, and Nicole wants to make peace, but Derek is determined to make her life a living hell.
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Juliet Thinks: Because of You revolves around the enemies with benefits cliche between Nikki and Derek. Although the first chapter may seem like an info dump, it will steal your heart and break it with the history of the protagonists' families. It sets the platform for the twisted tale of high schoolers with nothing but hatred for each other. Nikki's mother has taught her about the dangers of heartbreak, and she intends to keep away from it. 
The characters are genuine (frustratingly so) amidst the well-written plot. The emotions in each and every chapter will take your breath away and give a sense of realism. Fate plays an enormous factor in this unforgettable tear jerker.If you like stories with dark themes and dramatic turns, this story is the one for you.


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