Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome to Heartbreak

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Welcome to Heartbreak by Nereids
He was arrogant, heartless, had everything and wanted nothing, just like his bitter father. She was just an 18 year old girl, who'd just lost everything, and now had the obligation to work for them.. as a maid. The only rule existent? Do not fall for him.
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Juliet Thinks: Nereids offers a charming take on the servant-falls-for-master cliche. History is shown to repeat itself, since their story reflects the events of what happened between their parents. Though there are a few phrases here and there that are worded a bit awkwardly, Eva and Adam's taboo romance will capture one's eye. The characters' scenes together leave the reader with a lovely, resonating image. 
Adam is the problematic male protagonist to Eva's hopeless romantic self. With plot twists that'll leave you reeling, Welcome to Heartbreak suits its title: a story of messy relationships and feelings that get hurt. With other maids swooning over the arrogant Adam, will Eve be able to keep herself from falling for him?


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