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Not A Chance

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Not A Chance by Cupid's Psyche
At first glance, he seemed like a straight-laced, never told a lie in his life, good guy. Just goes to show-first impressions can be dead wrong. Makayla never should have started dating him, and definitely shouldn't have started falling for him.
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Melissa Thinks: Bank teller Makayla Lewis unknowingly starts dating a con artist after she catches him stealing her wallet. She knows he’s bad for her, as pointed out by her best friend Neil numerous times, but can’t seem to suppress her attraction for him. Chance is an experienced con man who, in order to pull off a bank robbery, sets up an elaborate ruse to reel Makayla into his trap. He finds himself questioning his own morals and even breaks his number one rule: do not fall for your mark. 
Before this story, I had never read anything by Cupid’s Psyche. Oh my gosh, what was wrong with me? It was fabulously written, the plot was easy to follow without being predictable and it was just one of those stories that I didn’t want to end. The thing I liked best about Not a Chance is how you know from the beginning that Chance is playing Makayla and because the author writes parts in his POV, you get to see his love for her unfold beautifully. Makayla was such a strong willed and beautiful character, I felt so bad for her! And although I seriously wanted to hate Chance, I just couldn't. He charmed his way into my heart and that just goes to show what a great author Cupid’s Psyche is. I know you’ll all be as captivated by this story as I was.


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