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Trainwreck by Lady Femme Fatale
Detention is not the place where you're supposed to meet your next boyfriend, especially when he's Judd Asher, known pothead and occassional criminal. But he makes good girl Sadie Brown feel something she hasn't really felt before - extraordinary.

Rosie Thinks: Like all of Lady Femme Fatale's work, this is a beautifully written piece. The description is detailed and not lacking for anything, plus the dialogue is well-rounded and interesting. Its hard not to get sucked in by this story and despite being thirty-three chapters, it's not overly long. The storyline does move slowly but it's not in the slightest bit boring - this probably has a lot to do with the characters. All of them are stereotypes of their particular 'group' but none of them are flat or two-dimensional. Trainwreck is the author's take on The Breakfast Cluband I really like the way she's written the detention scene at the beginning.

From the beginning the main character, Sadie, is a strong, independent and self-aware character who can stick up for herself. She's not outrightly loud and abrasive, but she's witty, which is a nice change. Both Sadie and her love interest, Judd, are too stubborn to outright admit that they like each so they end up dancing around each other. Their relationship is sweet without being overly corny or unrealistic.

If I had to be ridiculously picky, I'd say that the whole 'dilemma' (no spoilers here!) at the end/epilogue was a bit rushed. But other than that, there were no spelling/grammar/punctuation errors at all, which shows how dedicated Lady Femme Fatale is to her story.


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