Friday, November 18, 2011

Always Wear Clean Underwear

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Always Wear Clean Underwear by Eeliahs
Being a Pattiserie owner by day and a P.I at night might sound glamorous. But throw in a undie obsession, a missing heiress, an evil cousin and a co-worker who I might have more then a professional interest in, and it's anything but a piece of cake...
Rosie Thinks: The story is based around Cat, the hilarious girl who owns a bakery and works as a private investigator, and Vince, her love interest, trying to find a kidnapped girl. The main character, Cat, has a very strong and refreshingly comical voice. She is a sweet and endearing character who seems to be a bit of an adventure-junkie with her PI job. Vince makes a delicious male lead. Not only is he an attractive Italian, but I love who you're always guessing with him and it keeps his character fresh and entertaining.

Eeliahs gets the story going quickly without too much of an information dump at the beginning, which is always nice. I love how Cat owns a bakery, even though I was constantly hungry thanks to the baking references. 'Always Wear Clean Underwear' is a balance between romance, humour and action. I haven't read anything else like it on fictionpress, though it is vaguely similar to the Stephanie Plum novels. My only problem was that I wish she'd proof read her work, as there are quite a few small errors that, luckily, doesn't disturb reading too much. It was a very funny and well thought out story and I, for one, will definitely be looking out for the sequel!


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