Friday, November 18, 2011

A Whole New Crowd

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

A Whole New Crowd by Tijan
Taryn was good at three things: swimming, stealing, and sex. She just needed to survive her new school, her past, and the newest drug dealer that arrived in town...

Rosie Thinks: I'm a huge fan of Tijan - each of her books are completely unique and speaks to the reader. 'A Whole New Crowd' is about Taryn trying to moving on from her criminal past and those she loved by changing schools and being adopted by a family. Tijan writes Taryn's 'badgirl' character very well without it becoming corny or overused. She's a kickass protagonist with an extremely strong voice and, despite being a bit of a bitch, is still likeable. 

The author's character development is amazing; she creates characters with many intricate layers and credible (and pretty cool) backstories. All her main male characters (i.e. Tray, Jace, Brian) seem, well, just plain hot. This is probably because her writing is just so detailed that you feel like you're there, inside Taryn's head, watching the characters interact. Tijanshows, rather than tells, and that's a very important technique to have when writing. The only downside is that it's not finished yet, but she is revising it and has it posted on her LiveJournal as well. It's a perfectly balanced story - part romance, part friendship/family, and a bit of action thrown in there too. Despite it's incomplete status, I still highly recommend reading it as it is so interesting and different from any other story I've read on FP.


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