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Agony by Mardy Bum
He's pure gold and I'm not even breaching on copper.
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Rosie Thinks: It's hard to explain the way Mardy Bum writes - it's different, it's abstract, it's poetic, it's succinct, it contains real emotion. The whole story is unique and very dramatic. The prologue of 'Agony' is beautiful and very self-reflective, strongly showing Amelia's character from the beginning. All throughout the story, Amelia's voice continues to be intensely emotive as her strange relationship with Nathan evolves. Amelia also develops as a character and goes from being an insecure, invisible girl to finding her inner strength.

Her story has such an English feel to it, which is a relief from the many stories set in America. I like how 'Agony' is kind of a cliche turned on its head. It is definitely not what I was expecting from a Geek and Hot Guy cliche! I like how the social pyramid is tipped upside down, with the jocks and cheerleaders at the bottom. Although with the amount of drama in it, I did find it a bit rushed at times, it's still easy to read and draws you in. I was a bit confused at first with the whole layout, but the end clears that up and is sadly beautiful. I'm guilty of being addicted to Mardy Bum, so I'd recommend any of her stories. This is also the first book in a trilogy, so if you loved Nathan and Amelia (like I did), you can continue reading about them!


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