Monday, December 19, 2011

What We Say

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What We Say by ColourstomyRubix
The proplem with avoiding people, is that their twice as angry when they finally catch up with you - which is why I find myself pushed up against a wall in the tiny groundsmans cupboard by non other than the intimidatingly sexy Damanion O'Grady.
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Melissa Thinks: “What We Say” is a one-shot about an odd girl named Horitia and her relationship with the popular, good looking Damanion. This story covers something that I feel is so common among us girls. That feeling you get when you like/love someone who you think is too good for you; who you believe could never look twice at someone like you. It made the main character and her situation relatable. The writing was detailed enough that I could get a good sense of what’s going on without it being overly descriptive. I loved Horry’s weird quirks and Damanion’s intensity. This is ColourstomyRubix’s first story and it shows in some places, but it’s a short, sweet, enjoyable story that made me smile.


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