Monday, December 19, 2011

With the Band

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With the Band by KatieTheWriter
20 year old Bianca Woods fell in love at 16. Too bad her ex is now becoming famous, touring the country with big hits and a bevy of women followers! What happens when she reconnects with Graham at his band's Shadow Follower's concert?
Credit: Jacky
Rosie Thinks: 'With The Band' is a story that is both fun and heartbreaking. It's the whole 'famous guy, non-famous girl' cliche, but I really like how they have history before he became famous. The story is in different perspectives, but mainly Bianca's and Graham's. I like how KatieTheWriter's written Graham's POV as it is very realistic and makes you understand the way his mind works. Bianca is a loveable character and all her various daydreams at the beginning are hilarious and add to her character. 
Sometimes, when the POV danced around, it got a bit confusing as to who's head we were in. I'd advise completely separating them to make it easier to understand. It was very well-written although some parts towards the end could have been more drawn out, as they were all summarised. There were little mistakes with the spelling/grammar/punctuation except for mixing up 'apart' and 'a part' - there's a pretty big difference between the two! However, she more than makes up for those little mistakes with how emotive her writing is, whether the scene be happy or sad. It was a lovely take on a well-known cliche with a few unexpected and original twists.


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