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Anatomy by Waialae Firefly
Bailey is a talented art student who's struggling in one area: human anatomy. Although never her friend before the answer might be science, in the form of pre-med student Ason. Rated for language & sexual content.
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Rosie Thinks: From the very beginning, this story drew me in. It has a great introduction that doesn't slap you in the face with information, but rather sets up the flow of the story nicely. The chemistry between the two main characters (Ason and Bailey) is great and consistent throughout and, again, is present from the beginning. This story doesn't stuff around; it, refreshingly, gets straight into it. I liked the concept for the story and found it pretty original - the shy pre-med boy teaching the sexually aggressive art student how to draw people. The development of their relationship is at a perfect, realistic pace with realistic events throughout. 
I also found that their relationship was not passive at all, but filled with energy that kept you hooked. Anatomy has a simple storyline and characters, yet it is descriptive and drew me in. I think it would be difficult to write a story based solely around two people, but Waialae Firefly has managed extremely well. The chapters are a good size but the entire story is not too long. It makes for a quick read, but a very good one all the same. By the end of the story, I felt their relationship was fully explored and thus the length is perfect. The ending wasn't overly corny, either. I found no mistakes in her grammar, punctuation or spelling, which means no annoying interruptions in the flow of the story. Overall, it had great characters that were completely realistic and adhered to no cliches - it was exciting to discover the different facets of their personalities.


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