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Saving from Monkeys

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Saving from Monkeys by star123
I had known Elliot Sinclair since I was 10 and never felt any compulsion to get naked with him. What could possibly have happened last night to change that? I prodded my sozzled mind for an answer, but none was forthcoming.

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Amy Thinks: Okay, so we all know that star123 is a writing genius. Personally, I didn't know how in the world she could topSo Much to Learn, Lighthouse Charlie, and Private Lives, Public Property. But then I remembered, this was star123, of course she would come up with another story just as great as her previous works, if not something I could love just as much. Saving from Monkeys has the potential to do just that. The title was the first thing that caught my eye. Why would someone need saving from monkeys (unless they were Dorothy and being whisked away to the evil With of the West's castle)? But early in the first chapter, we find out where the “monkeys” reference comes from. If it's a twist on the morning-after-a-one-night-stand-with-your-mortal-enemy cliché you want, then definitely check this story out. When Rox wakes up in the morning with a hangover to end all hangovers, she realizes she's not alone in bed. Once taking in her surroundings, she realizes she's just had a one night stand with the person she loathes the most, rich boy Elliot Sinclair – the son of the family her mother is the housekeeper for.
On top of that, Rox has no recollection of the night before and Elliot refuses to tell her what happened. All that she really finds out later on, is that it had something to do with back home and Elliot's beloved grandmother. If you haven't already started reading Saving from Monkeys, you are missing out on a truly great read. star123's talent is magnificent. Her character's are relatable to the point where the friendships between the characters and their best friends reminds yourself of you and your own best friend. Each character has their flaws, which makes them seem all the more real. They aren't perfect, and they slowly realize that everything they thought they knew about the other may not be entirely true. The humor is laugh out loud funny (ahem, the sweater Rox wears at the end of chapter one – aptly titled 'Nothing but Mammals' – that says “I do it like they do on the Discovery Channel”). The only thing that I wish was different, was that is was finished. The suspense and mystery of why Rox and Elliot hooked up and the undeniable sexual tension between the two makes you want to yell “MONKEYS!” when you can't click on the next button. But being an in-progress story makes it just a tad more interesting because of the anticipation. It leaves you on the edge of your seat and time to come up with your own theories on what will happen next. So click on the link above. Go read, get sucked in to the story, and laugh your patooty off. You know you want to.


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