Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Broken Road

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The Broken Road by MandyHubbard
1803: Lillian Paine disguises herself as a servant in order to escape her guardian. Logan, Earl of Harskbury has plans for her that only include seduction.
Kate Thinks: In this story the author does a fantastic job of bringing you back in time. She uses terminology and concepts that fit the time period, making sure that her story is as believable as possible. Her characters are so amazingly real and flawed, thanks the brilliant depth and emotion she gave them, and you will love Logan and Lillian from beginning to end. At first the story seems a little hard to follow, thanks to the number of transitions between Logan and Lillian's points points of view, but soon after that, the transitions are few and far between. 
As the story goes on, it begins to flow with a great deal of eloquence. In my opinion, one of the best things about this story is the author's use of vocabulary. Just by reading a short piece of her story, you can see her vast understanding of the English language. And she uses that understanding to add detail to the superb plot of her story. The plot is fairly cliche, but I will say that it's cliche in a good way, using mystery and drama to add a new and exciting feeling to the story.


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