Friday, December 9, 2011

A Country Christmas

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A Country Christmas by MandyHubbard
Halley, a sucessful businesswomen, goes home for Christmas and runs into her childhood sweetheart

Rosie Thinks: If you enjoyed watching Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, you should definitely read Mandy Hubbard's A Country Christmas. There is a somewhat similar plot line between the movie and the story, but they also have their differences. Like Reese's character, Halley left behind her small town life and made a successful business in the city, thus transforming herself into a stylish and sophisticated young woman. And to top off her new life in Seattle, Halley's engaged to the most eligible bachelor (he's rich and handsome, too!). But when Halley returns to her small town home of Prescott, Washington after six years, her picture perfect life in the city starts to lose it's appeal. All because of one certain cowboy she never truly got over and the former fairytale ending dangles in front of her.
A Country Christmas is a shorter length story, easily finished in one or two sittings (depending on your free time). But despite the shortness of the story, you can't help but fall in love with Shawn, Halley's hometown Prince Charming. It's faster paced concerning the changes you see in the characters, but it fits with the time frame in which everiything happens. Mandy Hubbard's way of making it difficult, yet not so difficult at the same time, of choosing a side is almost as if you're making it yourself. Do you choose the safety net, even though you realize you may not be able to open yourself as much as you think and always wonder what if? Or do you swallow your pride and risk another broken heart for the one that got away? Sure, there are some typos here and there but overall the story was a joy to read. And if this was any indication to how her published (yep, I said PUBLISHED) pieces are, you'll be making a trip to the nearest bookstore and supporting a fellow Fictionpressee's success.


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