Friday, December 9, 2011

Hero Complex

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Hero Complex by jamaninja
In a fit of sudden heroism, Miriam Porter saved a little girl from certain death. But the girl turned out to be the president's daughter. So now who's going to save Miriam from falling in love with the president's sexy son? Oh, shenanigans...

Rosie Thinks: Whoever said nice guys finish last obviously didn't read this story. Johnny, the love interest and president's son, is a true gentleman yet completely loveable. Even when a bad boy made a quick entrance, I was still steadfastly rooting for Johnny. Plus, the relationship between him and his younger sister is absolutely adorable and you can tell that they're devoted to each other, without being slapped in the face with it. The main character, Miri, feels so real to me that I want to meet her. She is an altruistic person yet she has her insecurities like any girl her age would have. She's on the hippy side of things and a bit eccentric, but I didn't find it annoying or over the top at all. Miri, through saving the President's daughter, becomes as famous as Johnny, which gives the relationship a more equal footing.

I really like how although Johnny does have problems with his parents (the father's presidential position takes up a lot of his time), they're not made out to be bad, horrid people - it's different in a good way. Lacey and Drew are wonderful best friends, as in the type that shaves your legs for you when you have two broken ribs. It's also a balanced relationship with the three of them: it's not all about Miri, they're there for each other all the time and have their own unique personalities. The language is suitable for their ages with no inconsistencies in the plot, not even any minor ones. The story had great punctuation and no spelling mistakes, which shows how much effort the author has taken to beta-read the story and make it as good as possible. My only problem was Miri's constant referring to her mother as 'mommy' - it seemed a bit too childish after a while, even for a self-proclaimed immature girl. However, it was still an incredibly sweet, funny story and a beautifully written cliche.


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