Friday, December 23, 2011

Crazy Love

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 12:43 PM
"Because I love you, Cin, alright? I freaking fell for you the moment you threatened to light me on fire with a Bunsen burner if I didn't quit flirting with the TA."

Banner Credit: Casey

Ciara Thinks: This oneshot is a single scene; a conversation between two friends as they sit on a park bench, yet schradez007 manages to offer us a surprising amount of depth and scope. Cin is a peculiar character, a scientist determined to believe that love is nothing but a biological function, an ideal derived from her past, which is successfully woven into the story and not plonked in where it doesn't quite fit, as often is the case. Offering the opposite view, is her friend and one of her research partners, Rob, who vehemently believes in the idea of love and tries to persuade her, without much success. The grammar is excellent throughout and schradez007 has cleverly managed to capture the electric undercurrent in Rob's subtle hints until he reaches that favourite stage; the point of no return and the mood becomes more intense yet beautifully romantic. Overall, this a a very sweet oneshot and shows us just how even the most impossible of us can find love.


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