Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Felicia

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Dear Felicia by Wanda Walker
Felicia, a slave girl, is taught to be both obedient and taciturn. Yet she is anything but. This is a story of her tribulations, both romantic and otherwise, which force her to choose between whom she loves and the freedom she needs.

Kate Thinks: Wow. That was all I could think after reading this story. It was just so perfect. The idea itself was so impressive and original, that I found myself hooked from the very beginning. Her characters are so funny and beautiful. Felicia and her friends are the people you want to be your friends, the type of people you feel a connection to. The banter she creates between them will make you laugh until you're about to pee, and the terrible situations she puts them in will make you want to cry. This contrast in the story, the mixture of happy and sad, raises the story to a whole new level. You should be warned, this story is long, but it is so well written and perfectly addictive, that you won't sleep till you finish. And when you do, her ending will keep you thinking.


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