Friday, December 9, 2011

After the End

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After the End by templeton21
What happens after the world ends? "It's you and me. Just you and me." His hands framed her face, holding onto her, and she nodded. "Just you and me," she whispered and she was so relieved that out of everyone left in the world, he was hers.

Kate Thinks: In this story, templeton21 does a fantastic job of bringing the reader into her post apocalyptic world. She does this by describing everything in vivid detail and using the English language in a way that conveys her story in a new, unique, and brilliant style. Her characters are what really set apart her story though. Jules and Jason have this brilliant chemistry that catches your attention in the first chapter, and doesn't ever let it go. Her characters are just so real and believable. Jules is strong and brave, though she doesn't see it, and Jason, though he seems perfect, has a troubled past. This is the type of story you stay up all night reading, dying to know what happens next. Luckily, the story has more depth than two people in love fighting zombies. There is drama and mystery and, in my opinion, the perfect amount of gore- enough to make it believable, but not to much. In general, this story is amazing, mixing action and adventure, with a toe-curlingly wonderful romance.


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