Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project Fondle: Time Zones

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 5:15 PM
I know that most (if not all) of the past Project Fondles have been around 7:00pm EST and that many of you cannot accomodate your schedules to attend.
For future chats, I want to make sure that everyone can get a chance to participate. I just need you guys to answer these two questions as a comment to this post:

  1. Your ideal time for a PFon chat
  2. Authors you would like to see get featured


  1. 1. I like the 7:00 time...
    2. Cupid's Psyche

  2. Like I put in the cbox, I'd love to see Mardy Bum, BreeJalil and Tijan. Friday night would because the one at the moment ends up being sunday morning for me with the time zones!

  3. 1. 8:00 EST
    2. GermanSam, Anonymous Soul, Hemii25



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