Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet Me Halfway

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Meet Me Halfway by jammay
He's the President of a leading RealEstate company. He's cold, reserved & determined. His success is significant & respected. I just clean up his office, serve him coffee & sort his papers. I'm usually okay with that, but i'm starting to fall in love...

Melissa Thinks: Have you ever found yourself attracted to a totally unattainable guy? I'm sure everyone has, but for Kayla "Keys" Channing, things are a little different. Keys cleans the office of handsome, intelligent, uptight Mr. Lee. Dylan Lee is a rich, well known bachelor and the president of a prestigious real estate company, whereas Keys is a maid struggling to care for her father and younger brother. Their feelings for each other are unexpected and forbidden. The main characters are fantastic, but the supporting characters are just as great. Tanny and Jordy are funny, lovable and you can tell they really care about Keys. And then there's Jakey, Kayla's little brother. He's cute as hell even after he gets his sister into a sticky situation. Some of you may find certain parts of this story unbelievable, but the character development, word flow and awesome dialogue will make up for it. The raw emotions in this story made me empathize with the characters in a way that other stories rarely manage. Also, unpredictability is something many authors fail to achieve, yet jammay pulls it off with an ending you wouldn't typically expect. If you're looking for a complete, well written romance, then this is the story for you. Meet Me Halfway is a memorable story that will stick with you long after you close your Internet browser.


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