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Chroma by Alora the Sleepy
Oh, yes. Nate Rochester was someone you could fall in love with at first sight. I might have, had he not ruined the moment with, "There's a difference between people-watching and stalking, you know."
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Rosie Thinks: I am not joking when I say each chapter of this story is filled with as much drama as any Gossip Girl episode, with the occasional cat fight thrown in for good measure. The two main characters, Konstantine and Nate, are so ridiculously perceptive, and the story does seem to be about understanding people. Both their situations, from rich-private-school-boy to daughter-of-a-drug-addict-girl, are so different yet strangely parallel - both have been forced to understand the people and situations around them to a such a level that it's like they can read minds. The mystery of both their backgrounds keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire story. Alora The Sleepy writes in that special, clear way so the story is like a movie in your head. In certain places, I could picture the characters facial expressions perfectly. 
Her writing provides raw emotion that you don't find everywhere and I actually found myself tearing up in places! She also hasn't rushed anything, which allows for much more depth and layers in the plot, plus allowing the story to unfold with one drama at a time. The chapters are a good length with, so far, no filler chapters or anything that seems like a waste of time. All the characters are great, with every one of them, including the parents, having a distinct personality and differing views. The dialogue is interesting and truly does sound like a bunch of teenagers, with language appropriate to their ages. The author's descriptions are beautiful, heart-wrenching, perceptive and consistent. The story is based around the song 'Konstantine', by Something Corporate, which I've now listened to and love. She integrates the song well without the story becoming corny. I'll start listening to the lyrics and suddenly realise that that part is in the story and I didn't even realise! This story is a definite must-read and I have absolutely no criticisms.

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  1. hey just wanted to let you guys know I've removed Chroma from FP because I've now finished the third draft and am getting closer to trying to publish it for real. thanks so much again for this lovely review. keep up the good work! - Alora



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