Friday, December 2, 2011

The Art of Spontaneity

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The Art of Spontaneity by natmarie
She didn't do off the cuff. He lived in the moment. She was OCD organized. He couldn't follow an itinerary if his life depended on it. He thought he could read her like a book. Then she showed up at his door unannounced and all that changed.
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Rosie Thinks: Although only a few chapters are up, I can already tell that this story is going to be one to watch out for. The story's point of view jumps around, as well as showing flashbacks. As confusing as that sounds, surroundedANDalone manages to pull it off extremely well. Although the reader is naturally confused, it is not annoying or inappropriately puzzling.
The mystery and suspense that the author creates through this is nerve-racking. The two main characters, Callie and Luke, have amazing chemistry which the author portrays very well. The author's characterisation is splendid, making all the characters relatable and realistic. The title is very appropriate as Callie just appears out of nowhere on Luke's doorstep with no explanation. In a short time, their personalities are well-established and original. This story is very well-written with no errors, and surroundedANDalone's writing is fluid and interesting.


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