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That Little Twist

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That Little Twist by Spicydreams62"
No. I love you Giselle, but I won't do it. I won't choose. I can't choose between my best friend and my girlfriend. It's like she's the sun and you're the air and you're asking me to give one up. I can't choose. Not between you two," Brett growls.

Amy Thinks: Whenever I read a story where the best friend has to compete for the love of their life's affections against the Queen Bee/Golden Boy, 9/10 times I've got my invisible Team Best Friend shirt on. Who would know the person better than their best friend? It just seems so obvious that rarely do I ever find myself rooting for the opposition. Even more rare is finding a story that succeeds in doing just that. That Little Twist did succeed. Spicydreams62 gave the cliché just the slightest twist (hence the title), and opened my eyes to just how the best friend's girlfriend can feel in the situation. Giselle was the popular chearleader in high school and fell for the nerdy-esque Brett (a cliché within a cliché! Cue enthusiastic squeal). But Brett's ever present best friend, Anna, brings out all the insecurities Giselle has of their relationship – no matter how much they may love each other. Right away in the beginning, you read about how Brett and Anna got a little to friendly, thus solidifying all of Giselle's fears. Despite the cheating, Giselle is willing to stay in the relationship because of her love for Brett. But it's also because of that deep love that she makes the hardest and selfless decision involving Brett and Anna.

The story is well written, with minor typos that I could see. Sure, a giant handful of commas, but as a comma whore myself, it's not on my list of pet peeves as it may be for others. With the complete story only three chapters long, it's a quick read. And although I sometimes wish it was longer so I could possibly find out a bit more of their past (maybe a few more examples of events that brought about Giselle's jealousy and revelations of Anna's feelings towards Brett). But, given the time-line of the story, Spicydreams62 was still able to get across the emotions Giselle went through. You can feel the love, the hurt, the anger, and the resignation as if you're feeling them yourself. It makes you wonder if you would have had the courage to do what Giselle did in the end. have to read to find out if she gets the man in the end, or if the best friend prevails once again.

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  1. I pretty much love ADoR for telling me about this story - definitely one of my favourites! :D



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