Monday, December 19, 2011

Kiss Me, Kate

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Kiss Me, Kate by Mad for Figs
He was my ex boyfriend's current girlfriend's ex boyfriend. Apparently that's the biggest reason why we should never be associated with one another. But too bad neither of us cared about the morals of society.Banner Credit: Atramento

Rosie Thinks: I found the set-up for this story so interesting - boy and girl, both in separate relationships, star in a play together, then get together, not caring about their respective others. This story is about those 'respective others', Mason and Kate. Even though it's only five chapters long, the chapters are quite long and by the second chapter I felt as if I knew the main characters well. There were just the right amount of characters so that during the short story, you don't get confused between the minor characters.

The chemistry between Mason and Kate is there from the beginning. They are so perfect for each other that every time they denied it, I face-palmed myself. That shows how good Mad for Figs is at conveying emotion! I really like how Kate had real insecurities which are relatable, and how she overcame them. I also like how apart from the first chapter, the story didn't revolve around the two exes who were together - it fully revolved, instead, around Kate and Mason.

There were a few small mistakes, like omitting some words and confusing 'wary' with 'weary', but it was nothing distracting. It's actually a very well-written story with lovely descriptions. Altogether, it was an adorable story that, despite being a cliche, was a very nice read.


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