Monday, December 19, 2011

The Exploration of the Male Anatomy

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The Exploration of the Male Anatomy by ShadyPalmTree
Naïve and innocent Cassidy had an ordinary life up until she got drunk one night and felt up the notorious playboy on campus, Adrian. She wanted to get away from him, but he wouldn't let her go that easily.
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Rosie Thinks: From the beginning, we get a clear picture of exactly what the relationship between the two protagonists, Adrian and Cassidy, is truly like. Complete opposites, with Cassidy being more than a little naive and Adrian being, well, just not a nice person. Adrian is the epitome of a bad boy that instead of having a soft side deep inside, has to learn. Despite being overly arrogant he's somehow still loveable and has way more beneath the exterior than one would first think. The two have great chemistry and they interact well with each other, with numerous hilarious exchanges. ShadyPalmTree develops their relationship at a reasonable pace that rarely drags and is pretty realistic. The author also has a way of making all the characters, even the secondary ones, have a life of their own. The characters are all consistent and work well with each other. The story manages to balance seriousness with humour in a way that is realistic and can make my heart clench in one part, then laugh in another. Cassidy's unworldliness is often her downfall, leading to many uproariously funny situations. The plot is very solid with lots of twists that keep you on your feet throughout. Although it is set in a university environment there are a few references that seem too much like high school, for example everyone in the uni knowing who Adrian is - it would make more sense for certain groups/colleges to know who he is, rather than the entirety of an enormous university. Other than that, it was ridiculously well written with good descriptions that don't get overused.


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