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Unrequited by All Good Things
It's tough being a gay guy when the only person you're in love with is straight and the only person in love with you is a girl. 
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Rosie Thinks: This story is a slash but is in the Miscellaneous category because it is so much more than that. The author, All Good Things, focuses a lot on friendship and how important friends are, as well as focusing on a budding relationship. The story is based around three main characters (Charlie, Paige, Liam) and each have their own, non-cliche personality.

All three characters are explored in depth, especially how they've grown and changed. Paige is the beautiful, seemingly superficial girl who should be popular yet only has one friend, due to her neurotic tendencies. She's the type of crazy individual that reminds everyone of someone. The story is told entirely in first person and Charlie's voice is very distinct and witty. All Good Things' writing style is unique and her way of writing Charlie's view on the world is insightful and genuine, especially since it's a girl author writing about a boy. The dialogue is quick and amusing and the plot is entertaining and, most importantly, feasible. The ending is highly realistic too with a very nice 'feel good' mood. The grammar and punctuation are all superb and I didn't find myself confused or lacking in details once. It's a very funny read that shows you that people aren't always what you expect.


  1. A few years ago, I followed FP all the time, but I got busy and stopped checking it. Recently I came back to see what's new, and it was hard to catch up with everything and find good stories. That's when I came across A Drop of Romeo, and decided to check out 'Unrequited'.

    Anyway, I read the first chapter, and I was hooked. I used to write a lot, but then I got busy with college stuff, and reading this story made me want to start writing again. The author did such a wonderful job with it, definitely worth reading! She doesn't allow anonymous reviews (I understand why not), so I couldn't review her story on FP since I don't have a profile there, but I hope she sees this :)

    And I'm so happy I ran into A Drop of Romeo, it seems so much easier to find good stories through this site than randomly searching through FP, hoping for something interesting. Keep up the good work :)

  2. I can't tell you how much this comment has made me a bit happier. Given the recent feedback I've gotten in the cbox and on formspring, you don't know how much this positive blurb made me smile at my laptop. :]



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