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Queen Bitch

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Queen Bitch by Crimsonoaks
As a romantic comedy fanatic, I vowed to become THAT girl. My own love life may be a sham but what better place to play high school matchmaker than from the top? Hello, my name is Queen Bitch.Banner Credit: folkhands
Rosie Thinks: The main character, Jaye, seems to be a queen of the cliche (and not just a Queen Bitch, as the title suggests). Jaye lives not a double life, but multiple lives as she tries to matchmake every person she comes across except herself. One of my favourite lines in this story is this one: 'See that plain compact car needing a new paint job next to the Ferrari? Yeah, I'm the Ferrari'. And the story continues in this fashion: witty, unapologetic, and glamorous. The story is told from Jaye's perspective and the author truly does get inside her head. This means that despite all the different 'personalities', the reader still gets a strong idea of just what makes Jaye tick. 
The story is also interspersed with 'journal-like' entries from other characters that are always quite short and don't get in the way of the flow of the main story. It's like nothing I've ever read before. It's very satirical and points out some very good points about the usual, high school cliches. One of the things I like most about it is how she's focused on the fact that every story has it's 'Queen Bee' who inadvertently pushes two people together. I've never thought about it that way before. Although the story is a tad unrealistic, it's a hilarious and very cute read. The absolute and utter dumbness of her Queen Bee persona is a bit over the top (how many times can someone say 'like' in one sentence?), but it can be excused due to the satiric nature of the story. A major plus is that it's one of the very few stories that uses proper punctuation throughout, especially for the dialogue.

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  1. I disagree with the last comment, while the story is amazing and a great read, the punctuation (particularly before dialogue opens) isn't always correct.



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