Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Life in One Sentence

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My life was mindnumbingly dull, but I was fine with being the invisible Ginger Ale Girl. Whoever said friends were good for the soul did not know the boy with blue hair.
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Juliet Thinks: Brayden's assignment? To describe her life in one sentence. She's not exactly inspired by that prompt in any way whatsoever, and so begins the unraveling of her charismatic thoughts. She's witty and easily annoyed, irked by the male population. Most importantly, she's someone we all can identify with, given her insecurities. Matt, contrary to popular belief, is not the stereotypical bad boy. He has blue hair and a quirky sense of humor. 
The characters are alive and the author doesn't rush them into a romance filled with oodles of fluff. It's paced and amusing, with its serious notes. Although the Ginger Ale girl's personality may seem a bit typical for a female MC- do keep reading. The emotions involved certainly transform the cliche of the bad boy falling for the loner girl into a romance that'll leave you smiling.


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