Saturday, February 11, 2012

When She Smiles

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When She Smiles by mandybeth
That's what I'm doing when I give her a smirk. Flirting. She thinks I'm just being cocky and arrogant. For such a smart girl, she sure is clueless when it comes to romance. Not that you could call what we have a romance.

Banner Credit: folkhands
Ciara Thinks: This is a story I remember reading a long time ago that has always been stuck in my head and only recently have I been able to find it. It is told from the male's point of view, usually difficult to pull off, but mandybeth most definitely succeeds; instead of being soppy in any way, the protagonist is stubborn, cutting, witty and completely oblivious. Yet he always tries to make the unnamed female protagonist smile, without knowing why. The story unfurls after she reveals that her boyfriend Preston proposed, a man who doesn't earn a favorable description. The story is very well written, making you feel for the characters, particularly frustration and the grammar is perfect throughout - difficult to accomplish when writing in the present tense. Plus the fact it's incredibly cute.


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