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In His Arms She Fell

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In His Arms She Fell by Sable Queenie
She's an 18 year old girl with dreams too big for her small town. He's a jaded NASDAQ executive who has everything but dreams of nothing. When their paths cross by chance they come to discover that both life & love are anything but what they imagine.
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Rosie Thinks: The two main characters in this story, Lila and Keith, could not be more different from each other. She's 18 while he's in his late twenties; she's a kind-hearted, sweet southern girl while Keith is a high-earning exec. on Wall Street; she's from a small town in Mississippi while he lives in Manhattan. I loved how Sable Queenie took two people at complete opposite ends of the spectrum and made it work! She portrays both characters extremely well and writes in detail about both of their completely differing lives. Both are strong, individual characters. Personally, I expected not to truly like either character but Sable Queenie writes so well that you can't help but come attached to them.

'In His Arms She Fell' is in both perspectives and you get a good look into each other's minds so, within the first chapters, you understand what makes them tick. The story was very detailed but still remained absorbing and well-written. There was interesting detail on the intricacies of his job that made it seem like the author really knows what she's writing about. Errors in her writing were rare, but the main one was confusing words that sounded similar - eg, 'fluke of champagne' instead of flute.

I had a bit of a break in the middle of reading this but I could still remember exactly what had happened in it and that doesn't occur often! This is one of those stories that you stay up late reading as you can't stop so I, personally, can't wait for the next chapter.


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