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Better Late Than Never

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Better Late Than Never by The Third MRN
At 10, being in love with an older boy had felt heady and wonderful. At 16, annoyance had set in as she realized he didn't think of her in the same way. Now, at 22, she feels hugely pathetic that she never got over him.
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Rosie Thinks: The story is the whole 'friends-with-benefits' with a twist - Nola has actually been in love with Gideon for years but he's been oblivious. I'm glad it had this twist as it made this story stand out for me. The Third MRN has integrated another cliche in, the 'best-friend's-brother' one, but it has a more mature feel. Thus, their relationship is complicated. They're not in university or high school but out in the real world with jobs. Nola is a darling, with a character that is both supremely strong and endearing. I found it very unique and loved how she could properly conceal her feelings. I like how it's very much based on reality. Nola has had to raise her ten year old brother by herself for most of his life and also runs a pub, so this grounds her and has given her a lot of responsibility. Gideon, on the other hand, makes you want to bash your head against a door - in a good way though, if that's possible. He is both parts loveable and infuriating.

The Third MRN gives him a distinct character and writes him very very well. The same goes for all her characters and she writes even the minor ones in great detail. I loved Bridget, Mike, Yair and all the other characters that work in Nola's bar, each with a distinct personality. 'Better Late Than Never' is written in both perspectives, which she has done well as it is interesting and not repetitive. The story has a great structure with four different parts, each signalling a different stage of Nola and Gideon's relationship. There are absolutely no errors in her writing and it is very easy to read. The author has also managed to evoke emotion from the reader through her writing, making her story difficult to stop reading. Despite being incomplete at the moment, the author updates very frequently and it should be finished fairly soon!


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