Saturday, February 11, 2012

Like Best Friends but a Little More

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Like Best Friends but a Little More by xoxluurve
To-do lists equaled love. He had an obsession with her groceries and a hero complex she secretly appreciated. His girlfriend wasn’t much of an obstacle; he only liked to be distracted. After all, she couldn’t know he secretly wanted her, too.
Banner Credit: Anita Darling

Annie Thinks: If the summary, title, or even the fact that it was written by xoxluurve doesn't draw you in, the unique plot and realistic characters should. The main character, Anne, has a very odd friendship with Josh. It's almost a love-hate relationship, though it's obvious that Josh was one of the only people who understands Anne and that he'd always be there for her. Anne is very independent and not like all of the other helpless heroines you see so often in teen romance these days. She has a lot on her plate--and her dad is no help; in fact, he's part of the problem. In three (albeit, long) chapters, xoxluurve has created more depth to her characters and produced more passion for the readers than most full-length stories. Like Best Friends but a Little More had me alternately laughing, crying, squealing girlishly, and screaming in frustration. At many points in the story I found myself relating to Anne, and wishing I had a Josh in my life. With almost 30,000 words, xoxluurve has created yet another gorgeous, inspiring, hopeful masterpiece that I'll be sure to reread... several times.


  1. That's an amazing story, I loved it :D. Thanks for reviewing it or I would never have found it.



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