Saturday, April 28, 2012

You're Not My Type

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You're Not My Type by realize
You rank maybe a 6.450903 on the hotness scale out of 10, and that's on your good days. Sure, some days I find myself staring into your dull brown eyes a little longer than necessary, but I could get 11s if I tried. So don't think you're anything special.
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Annie Thinks: First impression: How is this romance? It's mean, it's harsh, it's brutally honest, it's what love really is. The main character (a guy, for once) describes his girl as a 6.450903 on a scale of 1-10 on a good day, and he could pull an 11. He lists all her faults, every single thing he doesn't like about her, and you still get the feeling that he's crazy about her. This is the type of story I love: one that isn't perfect, or nice, or always cute. It contains heart and feeling and real people. There was so much denial, it got a bit unrealistic at one time or another. Under 800 words, You're Not My Type is a light, fluffy-to-the-max read that (I think) can make any girl feel more hopeful about getting the guy. And, though it was relatively plot-less, the moral was clear: If it feels right, go for it.


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