Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Apocalypse

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The Apocalypse by Weeping Duck
Hannah Ayers and Jake Allen had hated each other for longer than they could remember. But when a car accident leaves Hannah with amnesia, she can't remember him at all. Jake could use this to a nefarious advantage…or enjoy a clean slate. Tough choice.
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Amy Thinks: The Apocalypse's summary is what first intrigued me. It let me know that the generic hate/love cliché had a bit of a twist to it. Hannah Ayers and Jake Allen have known each other since they were newborns. And have loathed each other for about as long. Now seniors in high school, it seems as if their never ending feud will be just that: never ending. That is, until, one stormy night when Hannah is in a terrible car accident leaving her with no memory whatsoever. Jake can either use this to his advantage in the ongoing war between them, or use it as an opportunity to truly befriend her and end it. He's truly torn. Because they've never got along before, Jake is very reluctant to be all buddy buddy with her. Although he tries to keep his distance from her, he looks out for her while she recovers as a favor to Hannah's family and to his mother. Amnesiac Hannah is a complete one-eighty compared to pre-accident Hannah regarding Jake. Overtime, it seems that Jake doesn't mind her company and actually befriends her, although he denies it. While at times, I felt like there was more dialogue than explanation, it wasn't overpowering. I still experienced all the feelings the author was portraying. I do wish the ending was a little more fluid. To me, it seemed a little thrown together. Despite minor typos, The Apocalypse was definitely a feel good read that left me with a fuzzy feeling in my stomach and a smile on my face.


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