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The Difference Knowing Makes

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.
The Difference Knowing Makes by thenifoundfivedollars
After vowing to never date another frat guy, he's trying to bend her new rule. Only because she'd so stupidly, under the influence of cheap punch and an extremely stressful Thursday, confessed that he might just be the most adorable guy on campus.
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Rosie Thinks: I was, without a doubt, hooked on this story after the first chapter. thenifoundfivedollars not only has a pretty awesome username, but the way she writes is easy to read, relatable and hilarious. After receiving a horribly spelt txt message from her boyfriend breaking up with her, Shane swears off frat guys. Then in comes Evan, a frat boy, who strives to change her perspective. Evan is the kind of guy everyone wants in their life. As in, this guy sat in on Shane's lectures even though he was doing an entirely different course, he brought her smoothies and he helped her study. Shane is a great, well-balanced character that actually learns and changes over the course of the story. She's not a ranting feminist but she's comfortable in her skin and not afraid to take the initiative.
'The Difference Knowing Makes' is based around the whole Greek system in university and the author gives a totally different view to the stereotype surrounding them. I found this particularly interesting as the only knowledge I have of fraternities/sororities is from the tv show 'Greek'. The story doesn't just revolve around Shane and Evan, but gives a realistic view of Shane's life that I really liked. Although it took me a few chapters to properly remember all minor characters, they're all well-characterised and realistic. Everyone in the story is down to earth and not cliched, and the author has a great sense of humour that is shown through the characters.

It's a very cute story with a wonderful plot that is well-paced and interesting. The lack of grammatical errors was very much a relief! I would love to see this story get way more recognition.


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