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Better Than Boroughs

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Better Than Boroughs by Stillill
Burroughs said it best, "Perhaps all pleasure is only relief." This is how Callum led his life until he met Marina. Maybe pleasure can be something more than relief.
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Rosie ThinksIf you're going to read this story, I suggest you clear your schedule - it's that addictive. I'll admit, there are a lot of chapters, but I never once got bored so it's worth the read. The characters really drive the story. The author doesn't blatantly describe her characters. Instead, she gives you snippets and, thanks to her lovely description, I have a clear image of everyone in my head. As a result, both characters were very real for me and had strong voices. I would be hard-pressed to think of other characters I've read that have been so well developed! Marina is relatable, sweet and strong, despite having her own insecurities. Although sometimes I wanted to strangle Callum, he is strangely charming and such a powerful character. And it's not just the romance between the two of them that I love - I love the interaction between friends, especially Callum, Deaglan and Vince (with their little 'bromances').

The emotion in this is so powerful. I don't even know to describe it, other than to say that you get emotionally attached to the characters. The description is detailed but never boring, and every word adds to the story. The author inserts a lot of books and music artists that I didn't know, but instead of seeming like name-dropping, they add to the story and Callum's character.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the POV changes at first. I normally don't like them, especially when they're both in first person, and get characters mixed up, but that never happened. You feel right inside the characters head with their distinctive thought patterns. However, in Callum's POV, I think the author should have been more consistent with either having or not having his accent in his thoughts, as it would be there on some words and not on others. And if you have a problem with swearing, maybe don't read this. From reading the reviews, I found that some people didn't like the ending but let me assure everyone, I thought it suited the characters perfectly.

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  1. Such a great story! I had to read it all day long it was so addictive :) the plot was amazing and the twists just hooked me in. You should read writing class Or house on fire fiction press you would adore them xox



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