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Dealing with Awkward Situations

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Dealing with Awkward Situations by IncapableDreams
Unfortunate events are bound to occur when you break into someone's house.
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Ciara Thinks: Dealing with Awkward Situations, is a funny and cute story, and short too, comprised of six chapters, so it’s easily devoured within an hour. The main character, Tory, makes for a strong narrator who provides an endlessly amusing account of her slightly farcical life, especially with her penchant for blurting out the first retort that comes to mind, more often than not landing her in an awkward situation, particularly when she’s in conversation with her crush, Trevor. On the whole her relationship with Trevor is rather sweet, though it takes a slight backseat to Tory’s avoidance of her best friend, which continues throughout. Though her ex cheated on her with her best friend Aimee, Incapable Dreams has done well not to characterise him as the typical villainous sleaze-bag, but as a nice guy who made a bad choice. The disagreement between her and Aimee is a little drawn out, but in a way you can relate to, after all, what Aimee did was pretty horrible and Tory makes you sympathise with why she would rather dodge her at every turn than face confrontation. The story also boasts strong supporting characters, in particular Tory’s family, who though you can tell deep down they care about her, show an amusing lack of sympathy to pretty much everything, dropping witty remarks that make you laugh out loud.


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