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Hopeless by rosieroo
“It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Meredith Boyce. My name is Callum Markovics and I’m a recently recovered drug addict and totally in love with a girl who I don’t deserve.”
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Annie Thinks: As you know (or will soon know), rosieroo is a celebrated veteran of FictionPress as well as a lovely judge here on ADoR. So, naturally, I had high expectations for this one-shot, and I was not disappointed. It's about a girl named Meredith who is in high school, and she's surprisingly reasonable for someone who grew up in a very mean, rich family. Although it was a bit unrealistic in that vein, the rest of the story was very believable.

As a vehement lover of strong female MCs, I was very happy when Meredith told off Callum, her drug-addicted bad boy of a boyfriend. The ending was equal parts adorable and kickass. The imagery was perfect--not too much nor too little. The spelling, grammar, and punctuation were pretty much pristine, and the plot was clear from the start. In about 8,000 words, rosieroo has created a beautifully-paced, satisfying read. My only reservation? It left me longing for my very own Callum.


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