Saturday, June 30, 2012

Salt and Sweat and Freshly Mowed Grass

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As long as I'm here, you will never have to mow again." Samantha is a secret romantic who despises mowing. When a stranger offers to mow her lawn, she never suspects that her love story is about to be written. But not all love stories have happy endings.
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Annie Thinks: I seriously, seriously love this one-shot. I love all the
one-shots on here, of course, but I would say this one is in my top three. Reading it, I honestly could not find one thing wrong with it. I could really tell the author spent a long time on it--not just editing it, but also planning it and thinking about it. You don't get a story that has perfect pace and flow simply by opening a word document. It's about Samantha, a woman who tries to be the independent, cynical person her mother raised her to be, even though deep down she's just a hopeless romantic who hates mowing the lawn. This becomes even more difficult when Noah comes along. He insists on being chivalrous, which Samantha secretly, guiltily loves. The character development is so deep and thorough that I could see myself in Samantha's shoes, falling for Noah little by little. This one-shot covers over a decade in just about 9,000 words, and not once did it feel incomplete or unsatisfying. CassandraRose526 describes the emotions and scenes so intensely, it felt like I was there sometimes. Samantha and Noah really grew to be the ultimate couple over the course of this one-shot. And as for the ending? Yeah, I cried.


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