Saturday, June 30, 2012

Exchanges Only

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Kissing booth. Age 11. Clark had been my first - and only - customer. After he paid his 2 dollars and placed a wet one on me, I realized just how many cooties I was setting myself up for and closed up the business. Now he's back for a refund.
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Melissa Thinks: Many of us know that sometimes young boys will harrass the girl that they like in order to get their attention. That's exactly what this cute one shot is about. Elizabeth is a born saleswoman. While other kids her age were making fingerpaintings and playing foursquare, she was busy thinking up new ways to make a quick buck. And with that came Clark Robertson, the boy who she considers the bane of her existence, who always seems to get the best of her by frequently buying and returning items. This creates a love/hate type of scenario between the two main characters.

The plot line of this story is unique and stands out from other one shots I've read. Elizibeth and Clark's interactions are funny, cute, and can't help but make you squeal. It's a long enough read so that it keeps you satisfied without making you bored. Ravina for sure distinguishes her one shot from the rest with her distinct voice and the amusing banter she's encorperated between her characters.


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