Saturday, June 30, 2012

In Loving Color

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Charmayne is a nurse who loves her leukemia-stricken patient like her own. Derrick is the father who doesn't want her to touch her because of the color of her skin. There's a thin line between love & hate...but an even thinner one between black & white.
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Rosie ThinksThis story is, without a doubt, not your typical romance. One of my favourite things about it is that it doesn't shy away from sensitive topics such as racism, prejudice, poverty and stereotypes. Sable Queenie, through her characters and story, takes these issues and gives them different perspectives.

I have to say, the author is amazing at characterisation. All the characters are extremely believable, 3D and well-rounded. I adored how she explored the reasons behind a character's feelings - such as racism - so that no one character seemed truly bad. You understood why they felt that way.

Not only are the characters amazing, but the story is packed full of emotion. They are so tangible that it pulls on one's heartstrings and made me teary. As with her other story on this site, Sable Queenie seems to have a ridiculously well-detailed knowledge of the topics discussed, such as all the medical stuff. Although it's only six chapters so far, the story is already well on it's way. Plus, Sable Queenie always provides very long updates. Her writing is full of detail and the dialogue is realistic and perfect - I really don't have anything bad to say about it!


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