Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bolt from Blue

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Everybody needs a hero and Adaline acts the hero for a living. But when her family is relocated to the Midwest, forcing her to retire her Volt persona, can she learn that even heroes need saving?
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Melissa Thinks: One of my all time favorite stories! By day, Adaline is a sassy, blue haired, independent girl with a slight ego problem. By night she's Volt, a superhero who kicks major butt and is idolized by all in The City. One problem though. Volt is thought to be a man, and a grown up one at that. So when Addie has to suddenly move away, The City, as they are completely unaware that the situation is out of his (her) hands, is enraged and even files a lawsuit against Volt for his sudden disappearance. Addie is thrown into a small town where everything is different: the school, the crime, and the boys. As she struggles to not only choose between her next door neighbor and the mysterious new superhero, but also with her identity, mysteries leave her and the reader guessing until the very end.

If there was ever a story I would suggest to someone who wasn't fond of the Supernatural category, this would be it. You don't really come across well written superhero stories that often, so this is a definite treat! Addie is strong, yet deeply flawed, which makes her a realistic character. It was interesting to watch her develop throughout the story. Although sometimes she was downright annoying. I often thought that maybe everyone liked her a little TOO much regardless of her negative personality. The characters are unique, each with his/her own story and traits; even the minor ones! Addie and Flyboy (Holy flying monkeys, he's so British! I can't.) are so cute together! Flyboy's devotion to her, despite her boyfriend (hello, love triangle) is so romantic and heartwarming. The amazing details and hilarious sarcastic humor will keep you immersed in this world from the first chapter and onwards.


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