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Treasured by LeenElle
Tessa is raising her siblings in a shanty in 1932. Her life is difficult and unpredictable. When a doctor and his family give more than medical help, her life changes. Can she forget her misfortune and let herself be treasured?
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Belinda Thinks: This story is a well-written and masterful account of the life Tessa Evans, a victim of the Great Depression, leads in a shanty town in early 1930's America.

Black Tuesday, and the Depression, irrevocably changes Tessa's life, and with it the lives of her three younger siblings. They are left parent-less and at the mercy of others' good will; however, despite their struggles Tessa and her family retain their dignity and hope. This hope is vindicated when they meet Parker Sullivan, a well-to-do doctor with a loving and generous family. Although it is under difficult circumstances, this meeting is a turning point in all of their lives, signaling their move out of the shanty town.

The plot is gently believable, and the relationships are fostered in an environment where the reader has a chance to get to know the characters and root for their happiness together. Almost all the characters are people you wish you knew in real life - LeenElle does not ignore the minor characters, and gives everybody a chance to be noticed, from toddler Emma to the whole Sullivan family.

The beauty of this story is in the brave, simple faith that the characters share; a basic faith in humanity, in better days ahead and in love. The feeling transcends the historical backdrop and gives the reader hope, because if these people living through the Depression could stay so steadfastly optimistic, then maybe today isn't so bad.

LeenElle creates well-rounded and inspiring characters, whose dramatic downfalls are matched only by the romantic triumph and deliverance they experience. Free of grammar or spelling mistakes, this story is a wonderfully touching story of humanity in America during the Great Depression.


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