Saturday, June 16, 2012

To Love a Loser

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To Love a Loser by the milk bottle
It's all a matter of who loses the most.
Banner Credit: Rory

Helen Thinks: There's nothing worse than feeling inferior, worthless and second best but it's even worse when it's your best friend who is, unknowingly, making you feel said emotions. This is how Oliver feels due to Felix always being better at him in everything. Fencing, swimming, running; you name it and Felix was better at it. However, just as Oliver thinks he can't stand Felix any longer, a drunken mistake changes everything...

'To Love a Loser' is a perfect story of competition, friendship and romance that has you building a rapport with both male protagonist's. One minute you're giggling along with them, the next you're wanting to bang their heads together just so that they will wise up! This is all thanks to The Milk Bottle's perfect delivery. Each element listed is captured flawlessly in her writing, characterisation and plot line that realistically progresses throughout the chapters. The Milk Bottle shows us, throughout this story, that sometimes the best stories are those that come naturally to us and we don't over think with plans, layouts and structure.

Just a word of warning, this story has yet to be completed but it's most definitely worth a read as well as being added to your alerts list! It's definitely being added to mine...


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