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Getting the Gringa

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Getting the Gringa by EntertainthePain
Why do all the Puerto Ricans go for me?" I mumbled, running a hand through my hair and looking down. "I'm Brazilian," he smirked. Crap, he heard that?
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Rosie Thinks: I read this one-shot months ago and it's a definite favourite of mine. It's long, but I think it's the perfect length for the story being told, and it even has a cute mini-epilogue in it! EntertainThePain really puts you inside Sierra's head and I think the character development she's done, for a one-shot, is amazing. Sierra is like a little bundle of cuteness with a feisty edge. She's smart and witty, yet so very oblivious. I thought it was absolutely adorable that Sierra thinks that Marcos is only asking her out for a bet, which made it a bit different. Marcos has his own unique character and their interactions are sweet and funny.

The humour in it was a kind of smart/ironic/sarcastic funny, which I found great. Because of her lovely description, she takes the whole cliche of 'clutzy-girl-who-sucks-at-sports' to a whole new level of funny. The author's writing flows beautifully and the scenes she's created are original and interesting. She tells these anecdotes that add to the story and also make you laugh. Probably one of my favourite lines in the story was: "Chivalry was brutally murdered by the assholes in my gym class."

The punctuation/grammar/spelling is just about perfect, with only one or two mistakes in the whole piece. I noticed that Marcos change to Marcus once, and that was about it!


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