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Up in the Rigging

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Up in the Rigging by Fabulous Georgina
To Cara, working her way across the Atlantic to escape poverty seems straightforward enough. But, with a kind captain, a snarky first mate and ship full of men, she might find something at sea she didn't anticipate.
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Ciara Thinks: When I was about halfway through this story, I thought to myself, 'how can I possible do this story justice in a review?' I'm still not sure, but I'll give it a try... Up In The Rigging is a breath of fresh air, set away from the finery of the Regency court on a merchant vessel, where street urchin Cara gets a job, based on her climbing ability whilst she poses as her dead twin brother Jack, hoping to reach the New World. I was so hooked on this story, I could barely leave my computer, and when I did, I would walk around reading it on my phone!

One of the best things about this story is the strong characterisation Fabulous Georgina achieves throughout. The protagonist Cara is strong and independent, if a little dense, though this is easily explained by her street rat background and her inexperience in all things romantic. There is an excellent and varied supporting cast; the brotherly 'Big' Jack, the callous Mr Mortar and the cheerful and welcoming Admiral in Boston. The romance in the story comes in the form of a love triangle that works wonderfully in the story. The best thing is that, though you may have your guesses, it is not apparent whom Cara chooses until the very end. There's the dashing and instantly likable Captain Renard, who like Cara has his moments of obliviousness. Then there's the intense and surly Italian first mate, Soren Venitio. By the end of Up In The Rigging, I can pretty much guarantee you will want a Soren of your very own (but then, who wouldn't want a highly attractive, aristocratic and passionate Italian?).
Another thing that instantly struck me about this story was Fabulous Georgina's amazing description. It is so vivid, it makes you feel as though you are there with Cara in the smog of London or in the salty Atlantic air. The whole story flows brilliantly, with good grammar and only the occasional, barely noticeable typo throughout.

This story has now become one of my favourites on FP - there were times when I laughed, times when I cried and times when I really, really wanted to punch something; but that's the mark of a good author, they make you feel impassioned, and Fabulous Georgina certainly does that.


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