Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Than You Know

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More Than You Know by ColdCoffeeEyes25
She's an incognito pop star trying to break away from her white-supremacist family while fighting off paparazzi, homesickness and forbidden romantic feelings that could sever her family ties once and for all.
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Helen Thinks: Independent, confused and conflicted are just some of the words that could be used to describe ColdCoffeeEyes25's protagonist, Liberty Kellar, in this story. Having done auditions at New York's top schools for music, Liberty has found herself going to Jubliee, a religious university approved by her mother. Here, Liberty will face her biggest challenge as not only does she start to second guess and challenge her mother's white-supremacist beliefs but she finds herself falling in love... with someone her mother would disapprove with on two counts.

ColdCoffeeEyes25 provides a unique and gripping story, different to all the romances out there, through the white-supremacist angle that has shown exquisite research and knowledge into the area. Each individual character are spot on with their dialogue and their development progresses throughout their story, allowing for you to build a rapport with them and feel a range of emotions. Alongside Liberty, the reader feels the confusion, the conflict and the pride as she slowly seeks her independence from her controlling family and becomes her own person.

Clicking the “next chapter” button on this story is inevitable. It's a page-turner and a story that I couldn't shut off until I'd finished it thanks to fabulous writing, realistic and believable characters as well as an intriguing plot line with a maze of twists and turns.


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