Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Mascot and Her Quarterback

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The Mascot and Her Quarterback by StreetsofGold
"Please, just get me out of this damn catsuit!" Matt slowly pulled the down the zipper, stopping just above my hips. "Um, Iz" He stuttered. "You don-you don't have anything—" It was then that I remembered I was only in my bra and underwear.
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Rosie Thinks: This cute one-shot is a bit 'Romeo and Juliet'-esque - the two main characters, Izzy and Matt go to rival schools. However it's apparent from the beginning that they have history, though the author doesn't give away just what it is. So the main gist of the story is that Izzy is forced by her cheerleader best friend to be the mascot for the football game (against Matt's team) and everything just goes downhill from there, for Izzy at least! It is cliche, but the situations are entirely original and hilarious. There are parts in it that make you want to laugh and others that make you want to cringe in sympathetic embarrassment.

It's told in Izzy's POV and her outlook on the world is a bit sarcastic but mainly humorous. I love the fact that the school's mascot is in it - I don't think I've ever read a story featuring it! There were a few punctuation and grammar errors, but overall it was quite well-written. If you're looking for a sweet, well-written, funny one-shot, then you'll find it here.


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